25 January 2008

Work, eh, and IT'S FRIDAY

My boss asked me if she was being a bitch yesterday as she ran her mouth about a project I'm "managing" whereby I oversee work done by an intern. Yet after the work was completed by said intern? The Boss told me the work I should do as a result of her findings. I know clearly what my job is, lady; I've been here for over 2 1/2 years. K? Thanks.

And no, I didn't confirm her bitchiness.

We have a client meeting this afternoon. And I was torn. I scheduled it because I was encouraged to do meetings on my own; to take initiative. So when I offered for The Boss to come just as a nice gesture to include her since she knows the client? She agreed.


Sometimes I feel like she can't let go or thinks I always frigging need her. Maybe it was my fault for inviting her in the first place. But the kicker? When we were preparing for today's meeting she said something to the extent because you want me there.

Again, $#@!?&!!

I had a dream that Bub drove me to the meeting and we were going to be late (why, I don't know) and I hadn't showered--and there was no time to. And before I go to bed each night, I barrette my bangs back; it's like a cleansing thing for me or something (go with me here) and all I could think of in the dream is how I'm going to have weird hair. Specifically weird bangs.

Anyway. Tonight we're having friends over to see our house. I'm slightly nervous because Bub had a falling out with one of his friends and it's a long story--but they're back on track, but the friend is in real estate and I'm just ready to hear You haven't painted yet? What have you been doing??

But we've been busy, and it's been a juggling act. Daily Editor is coming by next weekend. Hopefully she'll see why we like it there so much, paint, or no paint.

Enjoy your weekend lovely blog buds!


the fanny said...

Hmmm. My invitation must have been sent to DE by mistake?


Have we seen inside pictures yet? I don't care if you haven't painted!

(Happy weekend)

sassafras said...

That guy better not say anything about the house unless it is positive. I can't imagine how you could possibly have your house together by now - give me a break!

Have a good weekend!

These Little said...

Oooh he better keep his mouth shut! Have a great weekend.

mainlyclearskies said...

The boss sitch is sucky. I hate things like that!

Hope the friends' visit goes well.

Have a great weekend!

daily editor said...

B. and I are excited to see your house, paint or no paint. Can't wait!