02 June 2006


I was up at 5 this morning and sweating well by 5:40. Gotta love working out before work while everyone else sleeps and hits snooze.

There was a publisher meeting, followed by driving back to the office with the boss, more work, more questions, some emailing with Daily Editor and so on. Then it was to the bakery to pick up dessert for bub's grandfather who turned 97 today. Then it was off for some shopping and to dinner. We finished by visiting Gramps at home and tasting some of the yummy lemon squares I picked out.

And tomorrow night I am told will be my bachelorette party. I'm really looking forward to it because from what I sort of know, some people near and dear to my heart will attend--and all the other cool biatches that I'd want to be there.

Of course, I am saddened by my friends in Florida, Cali, and Arizona who cannot make it--you know who you are.

More to come! Goodnight.

1 comment:

daily editor said...

Dude, you said "biatch."

Can't wait! See you tonight!