21 June 2006

Wax on...

Wax off.

So this topic has quickly made itself known in the message boards I often scope out (read: every day, practically every hour--I know--I'm a bridal geek).

The thing is, the only waxing I've ever experienced is that of my eyebrows. Pleasant? No. Then after taking a certain medication I was told to stay away from waxing.

Um, what ?

So what was a girl to do?


And so that was fun. Then I learned about threading. And now here I am. Happy Threaded Girl.

So no, readers, this isn't a post about eyebrows, this is a post about brides thinking: Well it's my wedding, so I should do things I would never otherwise consider. And so now we're talking closer to the bikini wax area. But apparently for many brides, that's not enough.

Now we're talking about Brazilian waxes. No, I refer to them as the have you lost your mind wax? (Actually, it's more like you've lost all of you hair down there wax.)

I've just joined the bandwagon of crazy brides who feel the need to go out on a limb, act as if this is the last time to really live before the big day.

My brazilian is scheduled for sometime in the near future. NO details shall follow.

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