04 June 2006


Ladies and Gents:

I feel like a slug.

I haven't danced and drank like that since I was in college...whoa.

Last night was a blast!

Some of the girls came over to pick me up and have a toast to the fun night that it would be.

Bub took pictures of me donning my tiara (which hurt my head so bad!) and my long veil. I felt like a princess. I never ever wish people to think I act like one or should be treated like one, but last night I felt like one in the right kind of way.

We hit the town and ate like Queens at Maggiano's. Then we did it up right at The Liquor Store. I "attempted" to ride the bull, but the liquor wasn't flowing quite enough. I was definitely embarrassed as I tried to get onto the frigging thing! What is all this gym time for if I can't even place my caboose on the moose??? Apparently we missed out on the hardcore riding which occurs every Friday night--as you wear a bikini...

I had a ball and very good friends were close by to shake their groove thang.

I do feel like a slug as my body is trying to figure out what the hell happened last night. I'm sore, but at least I'm not strapped to the toilet crying for mercy.

And I wore comfy shoes, so no problem there. I'm such a grandma.

Happy Second Half of the Weekend! Thanks to all who made it a fabulous night! : )

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daily editor said...

goessYay, bachelorette party! I had a blast!!