14 June 2006

Wedding Brain

I just thought I'd take a little time to let out what's going on in my head so that I can focus on work.

I want to search wedding web sites all day long in the quest for comfortable shoes. I bought one pair, but I'm afraid of the pain factor.

I still don't know how to wear my hair.

Bub is taking a long time with his ideas for wedding favors.

I can't wait to get paid so that I can buy, buy, buy.

I feel like it's Christmas with all the shopping for gifts I have to do.

Someone reassure me it won't be 100 degrees on July 22nd or raining.

I still don't konw what to wear for a necklace or if I need one at all.

Same with earrings.

I finally got underwear--nothing too frilly for under the dress. It's all about no lines and comfort!

I'm now the proud owner of lingerie. In my 5 years with Bub, I had nothing--not even cute undies.

I want to search wedding web sites all day.

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