19 June 2006

I don't care to admit it

But I will. I'm a full-fledged bridezilla.

B for the bitch that comes out when you're trying to square things away but you get so much input from your future husband, mother, maid of honor. The comments that come with every wedding planning conversation, the looks, the grunts of "Why do it that way?"

R for the righteous attitude I pathetically display. The underlying tone of "It's right/easier/better this way." Bub hates this. I know he wonders why I get bent out of shape if we switch a reservation for a wedding trolley, play with where the dance floor goes...it never ends.

I for the idiot I am--and feel like after I nag, pester, and obsess about many unimportant items. That's right folks, there are many unimportant items, but it's the insane pressure I feel to impress, impress, impress.

D is for dumbass. I hate it when vendors are slow, unreasonable, and OVERPRICED!

E is for exhausted. After finishing the weekend's running around from Friday after work through late yesterday afternoon, I was exhausted. Wedding, wedding, wedding! It's definitely my full-time job!

ZZZZ...I'm too tired to post more.

33 days to go. Yes, I am excited, yes the planning is certainly coming along, and yes, I owe Bub big time for being a Bridezilla. Someone tell me to chill!

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erin said...

i think some bridezilla behavior is to be expected - it's only natural, right?

my friends and i determined that the bride should have one friend that she uses as the earpiece for all bridezilla attacks. you know, warn the friend not to take it personally but that you need someone to bitch to. maybe that will work.