12 June 2006

Happy Birthday

Today is my mother's birthday.

Happy Birthday Mum!

I just got home from the festivities and found...a gift for me. What?

The IRS has sent me a couple of items. The last time they sent me something it was to show me my taxes got torn (looked like they were burned) while being processed or sorted in the mail.

So when I finally got my act together and resent them, I get these things from the IRS today.

Maybe I'm going to jail. Maybe I'm going to court.

Or maybe, something got messed up--and I get a CHECK for $800.

Yes, that's it--I got a note saying that I had an error on my taxes and that my check would be forthcoming for $800. And guess what readers? That check came in the mail tonight!

Happy Me! Happy paying wedding bills, credit cards, and new lingerie for the big night! : )

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