25 January 2007

Bad writer

I just feel like one. And I've had the pleasure of consuming three glasses of Syrah, but don't worry, my last dose of Sudafed has already worn off...and yes, the ear is still blocked.

So I came across this video tonight on one of my past (and still present) favorite sites (hint, hint brides!), wedding bee.

I was never this out of control and hopefully no one--and I mean NO ONE will ever embarrass themselves like this (wedding or otherwise)! Geesh.


Molly said...

Oh. Wow. But the bridesmaids laughing behind the door are hillarious!

Alissa said...

Oh my gosh - I cannot believe that. Way to keep things in perspective on your wedding day!

Sizzle said...

i really want to believe that was staged but sadly, it probably wasn't. good lord!