19 January 2007

Trying to fight it

But I'm sick.

My throat has been sore for the past 2 days. I've felt useless at work because my head kills, my eyes ache, and I just don't care. Oh, and those chills? I've got them.

But I won't go home. I feel like I'll be thought of as a cop out.

Oh, she's sick. Yeah, on a Friday afternoon--isn't that sort of sudden? Hmmm.

Because I am the worst at showing symptoms. I usually just say I don't feel well and people stand back but I don't sound funny nor is my nose running--yet. And so people forget that I don't feel good--don't sound bad enough to need to go home. And the thing is that I usually don't like to tell people I don't feel well. Because I hate that standing back thing people do when I tell them I might be getting the flu. And I just hate the empty words of "hope you feel better" when I know they're thinking well, she sounds and looks normal.

I hate telling my boss if I ever have to leave early or come in late or if I'm sick. I feel like she thinks I'm lying, that I just want to get out of something, or that I'm preparing to go home, change into a suit and head off to an intense interview.

Right. That's never the case. I mean, it hasn't been in a while.

My last interview was after work hours, anyway.


Sub Girl said...

seriously--get some rest, and i hope you feel better soon! (and i'm not doing the standing back thing)

sassafras said...

Oh no! I always feel like people will think I'm lying too.
I hope you're feeling better =)

Molly said...

Hope you're feeling better!