23 January 2007

Leaving soon

Yup, I did it. I told my boss:

Hey, my ear is blocked and my throat feels weird... Hey! I'm sick!

And she told me to do what I have to do (after searching my eyes for any clues that I might be lying-which I am NOT) because after asking the urgent care nurse to repeat herself 4 times since my left ear is blocked (and I'm a lefty, thank you), I am leaving soon to drive 1 hour to my primary care physician's office, which is a hospital, which is OUT OF THE WAY to see another doctor-because you guessed it-my doctor isn't working and oh, they can't refer me to another closer office because of dumb, hospital, healthcare, yucky rules and so I get to see one Dr. F. Because Ripe just might have strep since apparently all the symptoms are there.



sassafras said...

Oh no! I hope it's not strep! Hopefully the doctor can give you something to make you feel better!

Molly said...

Oh strep is no fun. Feel better!

Clink said...

Aww - feel better!!