22 January 2007


I had a good weekend despite the head cold which hasn't left, but has changed.

I now think I have an ear ache. I can't really hear out of my left ear and it's so bizarre because I rarely have ear issues aside from a little water in there from swimming during the summer.

Since winter has finally arrived and my toes are still frozen from this morning's trek across the parking lot and into my office, you all now know that water (from swimming) is not found in my ear.

But I want this to go away because I do not want to see my doctor. She is not only inconvenient by working like one day a week since she's supermommy, she works in a busy hospital which means I battle ambulances and every medical worker moseying around to get to the parking garage and then there's the parking in there which can take years, the long haul through multiple floors only to find her office where some old person sits, stares at you, complains of something and says my appointment was at _______ and fills in a time hours before yours, making you think that making an appointment is a complete waste of time.

The good news:

We had our carpets cleaned on Saturday and they look like new. Not as in they look good, they look NEW

We received our parents' wedding albums on Saturday, which came out quite lovely.

Today is our 6-month wedding anniversary : )


Molly said...

Awww Happy 6 months!

Sub Girl said...


sassafras said...

Yay, Happy anniversary!