24 January 2007

Under is over


I'm still not feeling very well. Left ear is still blocked and throat is weird, too. No strep though, but wait a minute, 12-year-old-looking doctor didn't even give me a test for that, so he could be wrong and inexperienced and wrong.

So I take Sudafed and Benadryl, as prescribed. He was so helpful, he wrote that down on a piece of computer paper for me, reminding me that those are not prescription drugs.

Hi, I don't live in a hole, I think I know that.

So, he says I'll feel better this morning as in today as in by now I should feel smashing. Except wait, I stayed home today. Yes, stayed home. Stayed home sick.

Ear is still blocked.

Anyway, speed things up to something exciting. We just finished watching the last episode ever of 6 Feet Under. Except we thought there was one more season and then wait, we started to see everyone dying. And it was morbid, but wait, that is like 90% of the show's premise.

Anyway, I want to write to the creator because the show was really...different...and I'm definitely going to have withdrawls.

Withdrawls with a blocked ear. Yeah.

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sassafras said...

Oh no! I hope you are feeling better today.