05 December 2006

I'm tired and need to go wash up.

I'm writing this during my sleep. You see we just upgraded our cable and now bub is a bit more obsessed with the tube. Not YouTube, but the television. We now have a bazillion more stations and therefore more good movie choices. I think perhaps my timing was off since we are still in deep with Six Feet Under and now this. But our DVD player is dead and watching DVDs on one's computer is not as entertaining as on the tv, especially when our computer screen is made for computer-stuff.

So as I was saying, I've been asleep already. I had seen Broken Flowers before, but love its quirks and Bill Murray, so I semi-forced bub to watch it. It went something like this:

Me: You don't have to watch this, but I really liked it.
Bub: Okay (touching the remote).
Me: It's a bit slow, but trust me, it's worth it.
Bub: (silence)
Me: You don't have to watch it, really (this is after he watched at least 20 minutes of Boys on the Side, another movie must-see--a good chick flick!).
Bub: It's interesting (but the tone in which "interesting" is said seems as though bub finds it easier to agree with me).
Me: (asleep)
Bub: Go wash up.
Me: (at the freezer eating spoonfuls of low-fat vanilla, double-churned from when bub made baked apples for my parents)
Bub: Go wash up.

Well...I have yet to wash up, but the jammas are now on and bub is still in front of the tv.

I'm just too tired to tell you about my black suit interview excursion. But here are a few hints:

I got a parking ticket after I realized that I didn't have the phone number to the interviewer since I wasn't able to work the elevator (don't ask) and thought I was going to need assistance (because who else would have such issues).

I got a parking spot EXACTLY across from my destination which is amazing during rush hour and in the city.

My interviewer lives in the same town I grew up (that's one of his 3 homes, but still, a good coincidence).

My first impression of the place from my car is that they have nice windows (I knew they were on the second floor).

My first impression after seeing the office: impressed.

I was told I carry myself well, am smart, bright, have an "energy".

I was told I would be bored filling said job. So then I got a "but we were planning on hiring XYZ type of person in the spring for this job..." and then started hearing a specific tailor-made position for me.

I got scared.

I listened.

Was interviewer trying to make me an offer I couldn't resist?

I left carrying a stack of children's books, complete with pop-ups.

Bub and I worked on the "search and find" types where you have to find the candy cane, turtle, and bug in the busy illustrations.

We didn't rest until we did.

So what am I to do?

I don't know b/c I am tired and I need to go wash up.

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