21 December 2006

Thursday morning news

Today is my "Friday"--and here are a few things to share:

-Bub wrapped my gifts last night. For the first time ever I'm being SO good and keeping away so that I do not know what the heck he is up to. However, there was most certainly a Tiffany's box with a red ribbon amongst the packages. I was squealing this morning. I was also moaning because I have major cramps. So not fun.

-I am never quite on time for work. You see we have flex time, but most people are in here around 9. If you're an engineer, I've noticed, feel free to stroll in around noon. That's a bit much if you ask me. Anyway, ever since I was younger I've been pushed, rushed, prodded along to hurry up. Work is an extension of this eh, bad habit. I stroll in around 9:20 at times. Today was 9:22. Don't worry. I skip lunch or I stay late, no problem. But when that alarm goes off (we all know it's a bitch to make it to the gym in the morning, but even if I do, that still assists me in being tardy). So please, people. Help me be on time in 2007. How am I ever going to be a good Mom when I'm the one holding people up??

-As I said, I have cramps and hate the first day. I hate it. I feel nauseous, fat, bloated, you name it. I so wanted to stay home.

-I'm 1 gift and 2 stocking stuffers away from being done with gifts. I swear. I said this yesterday. I really am serious. I need to hit a bookstore, Dunkins, and then I am really done. I always question if I got people enough. When is enough? Ugh! But our tree looks great. So many wrapped gifts and no more shopping bags lying around. We also have a bunch of grapefruits, courtesy of one of Peter's co-workers. Yay. Grapefruit!

-Since I was late--again--I am off to get stuff done. Yes, I will be productive today. I'll try to post again tonight because tomorrow we'll be in a car all day. Yikes.


sassafras said...

Ha ha! I can totally picture you squealing at the sight of blue!

Sub Girl said...

oooh tiffany's! how exciting!