30 December 2006

Like Magic

I can't believe 2006 is almost over. I remember toasting with Bub and friends last year as the ball dropped. We were at a bar. My friend was insanely drunk and I remembered that it had snowed while we were inside drinking beers.

I also remember when one of Bub's friends toasted our glasses and said, "This is your year. 2006. Only 7 months to go..." And we'll be married.

And so here we are.

Now it's time for us to focus forward. What will this year bring? We are so blessed with friends, family, good health, and happiness. What more could there be? A house perhaps? A baby (I can't believe I just wrote that!), a new job...new friends...new, new, new. And so as we all prepare to ring in the New Year, I like to think of a line from one of the Anne of Green Gable's movies. Her teacher is trying to talk Anne through some mishap she's had. I think it's when she was fighting with her classmate. Was it Gilbert Blythe? I don't remember...anyway...her teacher said something like: Remember, Anne, tomorrow is a new day, fresh without any mistakes. And as I wash my face for bed each night, I like to think I've washed off the day: being late to work, the long run, and the typing and staring at my laptop while bright, artificial office lights beat down on me like fake sunlight.

And for the New Year, it is just that: new. And we all have yet another chance to find the magic.


daily editor said...

I used to love Anne of Green Gables -- nice quote.

Here's to a fresh start every day in 2007!

Sub Girl said...

here's to newness. happy new year.