11 December 2006

When Bub and I first started dating, he had just celebrated his fifth work anniversary. Well, his work has a fabulous idea of giving out Tiffany gifts to those deserving of them (read: those celebrating notable anniversaries). We had probably been dating almost 6 months when he surprised me with earrings from there. I was sort of shocked that he had selected (with the help of one of his female coworkers, I hear) earrings to give to me: the girl who was always bumming around by herself, sans boyfriend, who, at the time, had not a clue that we would be here today: married. Am I complaining? No way.

Tonight I went to the store to pick up the earrings as I had had them cleaned. They had been shut in my jewelry box due to a missing earring backing--well, that's not a good enough reason--they were really, really unclean...and hadn't seen the light of day mostly because I forgot about them. I know--what is wrong with me? So I picked them up tonight and they're just like new. I'm thinking of busting them out tomorrow in place of the same little diamond studs I always don.

This year, Bub celebrates 10 years with his firm. You guessed it: more Tiffany's.

I hadn't intended on writing about Tiffany's tonight. But this is what came out. Sorry, I must sound a bit ridiculous.

I'm not sure what my point here is except that when you celebrate your fifth year anniversary at my office you get some clock (and from afar it looks like nothing grand) and at ten years--a set of book ends. Woohoo. People, we get up at the crack of dawn and spend more time at our desk doing our job than we are enjoying life and after 5 and 10 years of service we get a measley clock???? What is that?

And, believe me, I've totally tried to help Bub pick out cufflinks or a watch or something from the turquoise-branded store, but he's just not into it.


Molly said...

When you've been at my job five years you get a model ship. I kid you not. What is wrong with people?

Lucky girl! If he's not interested in cufflinks, more Tiffany's for you!

Oh! And good call on the XM on the computer. My Boy gave me his info (he's a subscriber) so it's all Christmas all the time at my desk :)

Ripe for Reading said...

A ship, huh? That's different. I bet it beats the clock...

XM is great. I recommend channel 79 for the classic Christmas stuff. For some reason I get that station online but not in the car...hmmm.

Molly said...

That's what I'm listening to now! I'm not a food writer (although that would be awesome.) I'm actually in PR which requires the occasional shmoozing over dinner. Not that I mind :)

sassafras said...

At my job you get nothing. In fact they actually thing they're doing you a favor by paying you to do the job. Gotta love family businesses. I do have a lot of freedom so it's not all bad.