12 December 2006


I made 3 dozen Chocolate Drop Cookies with Heath Bars, Vanilla Chips, and Pecans. I started mixing in all the goodness of this recipe. I did the dutiful licking of the mixer thingy's that pop into the electric hand mixer. I wiped my lips, washed my hands, went to grab my spoons to drop the gooey yumminess of my homemade cookies for our work's cookie swap (my idea, thankyouverymuch) when I thought...hmmm...these don't seem so chocolatey. In fact, they seem so lumpy with all the chips, nuts, and candy bits. I was slightly annoyed. I'm a lover of chocolate, the brown stuff, fudge...YUM! This is when I realized that I hadn't mixed the dry ingredients with the moist. And boy, was I in HEAVEN when the two were mixed. Bub came in and this time it was he who licked the mixer thingy's (don't worry, I washed them clean after the first round of licks).

Fast forward 1/2 hour later, I have a sweet-smelling kitchen and we're off to the gym. Great workout: 2-mile run, lots of stretching (which I always neglect), good ab moves--even the hard ones--all while Bub played pick-up soccer downstairs. I could see him through the window. They wore "pennys" like you did when you were in gym class at elementary school. And I remember them being all sweaty. And I hated wearing them. But seeing Bub wear one brought me back to feeling like a kid--I remember kickball--and how fun and easy it was to be young(er), even though it was so "hard" back then...or so we thought. Seeing Bub blocking the opponent from scoring made me feel the anxiousness of who was going to come into contact with me during gym class--and how I could slip into the sea of kids and not be called out. I liked it better that way. Just blend in and I won't have to call any attention to myself, the shy girl...

Anyway, the cookies are packed away. There are even some for Bub to take to work. This time tomorrow I'll have an assortment of yummy cookies to devour...if only I could be so sure of my gym schedule.

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sassafras said...

Ahh, so sweaty and smelly! Pennys were (and probably still are) gross and full of cooties.