14 December 2006

Lots to say

I've already had 2 cookies today (for breakfast). Our work cookie swap was a success. There was one other girl in my group with the same first name as me (which happens almost never)--we both made chocolate something cookies, so I like to think "Great ________ think alike"...

I have today OFF. OFF people. I feel sort of weird about it b/c it's been a while that I've intentionally taken a day off just because and also took it off outside of the weekend. I'm a big fan of taking Fridays off (I love those more than Mondays, when I feel like I'm always wondering what people are up to at the office, but for some reason I just know that on Friday everyone is itching to get the heck out of the office and then you have the rest of your weekend to follow). So why today? Why a Thursday??? Well, tomorrow night is my office party and I don't take a day off from work to get away from it all--including coworkers (who are nice, but you look forward to the break)--if I'm going to see my boss that same night! Plus I have a publisher lunch tomorrow afternoon anyway.

Tonight is Bub's holiday party. It's at an upscale restaurant and they've had it there for the past 2 years. It's all about free-flowing wine and very little munchies (or so it seems to me because when we leave, I'm like: Bub, we have to go get a burrito somewhere!). The free-flowing wine got me into trouble the first year. Everytime I turned around my glass was being filled. I semi-started an argument with one of Bub's coworkers about writing a book about something that had happened to him and I think I was a bit pushy (sorry!), and apparently, after the party was over and Bub and I had commit to having more drinks with this coworkers (not a good idea for me!), but intead, I just jumped into a cab--picture a girl coming out of a restaurant, booking it across the street to a cab, leaving Bub to fend for himself. Well, he caught up with me. But then I became 'whiny, bitchy girl' and so a little argument insued. I don't think it was little, actually. Wine can be evil, people.

Last year was much better. I drove, so I had no reason to allow the nice servers to keep pouring wine into my glass. But tonight I take the train. I will leave even earlier than I would have in past years to see Bub's boss who wants to give us our wedding gift in the lovely club upstairs from their office. What could it be? Hmmm.

So that's the plan. What am I doing on my day off? Well. My mom has today off too, so we may hang out. But first I have to go to the gym, finish Christmas card...make sure I know what I'm wearing to said parties. The list goes on. So now I must go. No more blogging for now.

All you happy people, have a great Thursday! : )

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Molly said...

Oooh I'm jealous you have today off. Enjoy it!