17 December 2006

Sunday Update

Since my last post I got some wrapping done, finished my snail mail correspondence, showered, folded some laundry and went to the mall. Since Bub reads this, I can't disclose the items I purchased for him, but I was successful.

I tried to avoid it, but had to do it. I finished up shopping--or should I say squeezed in one final store before departing for my sister's birthday dinner. I went to Sephora. Yes, people, I got sucked in. It started out as grabbing items for my mom and sister. I even looked around thinking there might be something small for my dad as as a stocking stuffer. What?? Yeah, no luck there. Then I caved.

I needed powder. The one I had until only moments ago was almost 2 years old. You heard me. Just a ring of makeup in a hollow black container. Gross and totally not working anymore. I will now no longer need to swirl my brush around 5 and 6 times to get something on it to put on my face. I needed mascara. I'm all for the brown kinds. The store had a great display with a diagram to help you find just the right one, but they were all in black. But if I was going to get mascara, then I needed to get what I needed the absolute most: lip gloss. But I wanted to venture into the lipstick territory. I wanted something that made sense since I'm Mrs. Natural Look.

So I picked the dark, long curly black hair, wild glasses, with semi-loud makeup--but all very tastefully done--girl to assist me with my purchases. About 1/2 hour later I'm walking out with powder, brown mascara (phew!), gloss lipstick, and lip exfoliator b/c who knew you had to do that to your lips and God knows mine turn to hell in the winter.

The funny part is, this woman didn't push a thing on me. I asked her for help with the mascara brand, the lipstick, the powder, and the lip exfoliator thing was just by chance something I needed and didn't know. Or wait, was that a sales tactic?

Anyway, that's the update. Ugh, thank goodness this is a short work week. And next week: even shorter.


Molly said...

Mmmm Sephora. Careful, it can become addicting!

Sub Girl said...

somehow, when i shop for others i always end up getting a little something for me, too! yeah--sephora is great!

daily editor said...

I love Sephora. But my most recent makeup purchase came at the Prescriptives counter. I bought lipstick there -- something I haven't bought in forever! I love the color, too. New makeup is fun!