07 December 2007

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I've been a good girl all year. Ahem. And I'd like to put in my request for a couple, I mean just a few, things. K? Thanks.

OK, so we just bought a house--no thanks to you, Santa, because how can you fit a house inside of a house's chimney and then tuck it under a tree? And since our current home has no chimney, I do think you owe us some extra goodies for not being able to properly visit us the past three and a half years. K? Thanks.

I never said I was Martha Stewart, Santa, but I certainly like her Web site and magazines. This girl never ever buys magazine subscriptions for herself. Can you help a domestic-wannabe-diva out?

I do love my Anthropologie apron that my dear friend gave to me at my bridal shower, but I'm sure the other home goods they sell would do just fine on our wood floors and in the three bedrooms I need to decorate. I wouldn't mind a cute little dress to wear on New Year's Eve, either. I hear they have some pretty fab stuff. I mean, I know they do. This is where this girl likes to get her shopping spree on. After all, a new year means new clothes, right? You wouldn't want me shopping at a less-than-stellar boutique since we're now broke from putting a down payment on the house. K? Thanks.

Now that we have a gynormous screened in front porch and a cute 'lil deck to play in when the weather turns warm that means...lemonade! And entertaining! And barbeques! But wait. We don't have one of those things to cook burgers and hot dogs and therefore we have nothing to serve the potato salad with. That's right, Santa, make us yearn for summer with a new grill! K? Thanks.

I don't want to act like a gift-grubber, Santa, really, so please just give as many toys and homes to those who are in need of them and who are alone this holiday season. K? I'd even let you not get me a grill if it meant you gave millions of toys to children out there hoping for shiny somethings under the tree.

We're pretty bummed about not being able to attend that wedding in Anguilla that we were pleasantly surprised and honored we got invited to. So in lieu of that please help us save, save, save our pennies again so that we may be able to go on a nice little trip in '08 that doesn't trump the Italy honeymoon, but maybe involves some sun, beaches, swimming, shopping, and a tad bit of camping and hiking (to please my Bub).

Oh, and Santa, when I was a little girl many years ago, wishing upon a star, smelling Christmas in the night, wishing with all my might as I attended party after event after get together solo, sans my love...Santa, thanks for my husband. He's the best gift under the tree each Christmas. And the best gift every day.

K? Thanks.


These Little said...

That was really adorable.

Happy weekend!

sassafras said...

Awwww!!! I love it.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Love that dress too - hope Santa hears your plea!

Clink said...

So cute!

And I LOVE that Anthropologie dress. Love.

mainlyclearskies said...

Hope Santa is feeling generous this year!

Great dress!