05 December 2007

Good Progress

I'm making good progress with my shopping. I know, yesterday I was bitching and now today? It's all changed?

No, really. After a few swipes of the debit card, things are looking up on the gift front.

Thanks to Pessimistic Redhead I've got my sister covered with some baked goodies. I even got some licorice for my mother too.


Everyone in the office has been freezing and running space heaters non-stop. People with offices...ahem...like moi (and damn proud of it!) are shutting their doors to keep the warmth close.

It is so cold here, and I so despise walking through the icy parking lot to the car so that I can run an errand to the post office, let alone entice myself with some Starbucks!

Yes, the post office has been on my list for some time. I want to fill out a change of address form thingy so we are set with our mail. Apparently, if you do so online, they make you pay and they have to ensure that your credit cards all have said new address so that they don't thnk you're being fraudulent.

Hi, who would want to be me? I have bills, bad hair days, and I've been PMSing forever. Oh, I didn't mention that my period is 2 weeks late, approaching 3? Yeah, my period is so irregular. A week to two weeks late is pretty consistent, but we've just passed the 2-week mark. It's like Christmas in your pants when I get it, but not really.

That was kind of gross. Sorry. And no, I'm not pregnant, but thanks for thinking that. I so appreciate it : )

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