26 December 2007

First Impressions and Christmas

I learned that you don't get a second chance when it comes to first impressions. And today, Sass needed no second chance.

She is a pretty person with a warm smile, a calm, sweet woman who I could easily talk to as if I had known her for many months. I already felt I knew more things about her than a usual acquaintance would, yet there were things I was dying to know: what did she do for work? Is she having wedding withdrawls? What does she think about starting a family sometime in the future and does it terrify her as it does me?

I have to say that I wasn't nervous--maybe a tad--to meet her. She wasn't a stranger so much as I had high hopes that we could grow a friendship out of this blog world that so many people spend time commenting on, reading, and browsing. For me, it's hard to meet new people, let alone nice people who aren't fake or who have trouble being real. Sass meets the real deal criteria; I had a lovely time.

That's not say I'll meet every person over this online thingy, but the fact that I hear from a select group of people, checking in with me through comments and emails, wishing me well, caring about me, that easily supersedes the silence I receive from some of the friends I have a hard time connecting with on a weekly, if not monthly, basis.


Christmas. It was a great day. We spent Christmas Eve working on the house--cleaning, organizing, opening up some boxes. It didn't feel like Christmas Eve because of the chores we were doing, but later on we visited with Bub's family and I felt connected, which, as many of you know, is difficult for me. We enjoyed some sweets and visited with Bub's grandfather. We awoke early Christmas morning and ran down to our tree to open gifts before cooking mom's famous carrot casserole and then heading to church with my side of the family. After mass, it was gift time at my parents' house. Then lots of eating. More eating. And yes, more eating. I haven't had my mom's turkey and stuffing in ages and it was sooo worth the hiatus to taste everything all over again. Yummmy. Yummmy. Yowzers.

We got lots of fun gifts and trinkets from the North Pole, but my shopping streak was suppressed in lieu of shopping for others this holiday season, and very well should be, but now I've just discovered this site. My debit card is playing hide and seek. Except I know where it's hidden so I guess it's not a good tactic when it comes to a little shopping fever...


flutter said...

um yeah, etsy is DANGEROUS.

Michelle said...

i thought about putting my debit card in the freezer. that way even though i know where it is, it could take a few hours to dethaw and by that time i may be able to talk myself out of any unnecessary purchase :)

sassafras said...

Awwwww...you're too sweet =)

mainlyclearskies said...

Yes, that is a great website!

Glad you had a nice Christmas and got to eat lots of yummy food.

I had gone all season without shopping for myself, and I made up for it a little bit today. Felt good!

These Little said...

Haha oh no, Etsy is trouble. You'll get sucked in for days!